Facing In - Whitworth Art Gallery

  • Cicely Ryder-Belson

While assisting at the Collection Centre I worked on the Facing Out exhibit in conjunction with the Maggie’s Centre, a charity which offers emotional support to those with cancer. As a gallery assistant it was my role to record feedback and to create a reflective and open space which encouraged discussion. But as a highly sensitive subject for those affected, I found it was hard to collect audience data for feedback when viewing was often a highly emotive experience. This encouraged me to learn how to effectively conduct research to measure the effects of such projects. I went on to equip myself with the skills to combat these conflicts by attending the Engage Conference, which explored the intersection between arts, wellbeing and education. This demonstrates how I have taken initiative to educate myself and find solution-focused approaches to sector specialisms. I went on to further my training by attending the International Homelessness and Arts Summit. I was able to attend many enlightening talks which built upon my knowledge of audience development, marketing and research principles. This allowed me to gage how research must be conducted empathetically and allowed me to see how this works on a larger scale through established organisations.


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