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As Social Media Manager I led on the ‘This Way Up Stories’ project, which is the sister project of the This Way Up podcast – celebrating women talking honestly about the Good, The Bad and The Ugly of their career. I curate and produce a This Way Up Story each week, using Adobe editing software and scheduling systems to champion and celebrate personal stories of women in creative careeers. A personal highlight has been sharing the career story of one of my oldest friends, being able to share this story was a testament to the power of female friendship and the strong communities which women continue to foster for each other. This project is part of a wider International Women's Day campaign, as This Way Up is aiming to capture and share the stories of 100 female creative professionals before the end of IWD 2022. The objective of this is that these stories of gender disparity and career experiences will inspire other women in the creative sector and help them navigate any career pitfalls they may be facing.

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