February Product Update: Post side hustles, get jobs for you, save top projects & log in with a magic link...

  • Hugh Waldren
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Paul Werelds
  • Gosia Pałys-Dudek
  • Michal Palys-Dudek

Here’s what’s new at The Dots! Explore our freshest features and find out how they can help you find collaborators, save your favourite projects and log in with our peachy new ‘magic link’, helping you save time and stay extra secure...

Promote your side hustles and find collaborators

We’ve now put in place a dedicated section for side hustles on your profile. This is the best way to share what you’re working on, outside of the 9-5!
It could be anything; from running events, mentoring, crafting, creating a zine or making a film!
What’s more, you can broadcast to the community that you’re looking for collaborators.
Want to get involved in a side project? Keep an eye out for the ‘collaborators wanted’ signal! Get started by creating a side hustle here.

Ta-da! Magic links make it easy peasy to log in

No more forgotten password problems! While you can still reset your password if you forget, you can also create a nifty magic link to send straight to your email, click on and log in. Voila! This is particularly enchanting if you have an extra tricky password to type, or you don’t want to write your password on an unfamiliar device.
As soon as you request the magic link, you have one hour to click on it before it expires.

Tailored jobs for you, in a snapshot

We’ve now introduced a shiny new tailored section of the jobs page called ‘Jobs For You’.
This means that you can easily access any new jobs that we think might be right up your street (based on job matches from companies you follow).
So if your searching, make sure to surf this page - you might see your dream job!
You’ll also find a daily snapshot of ‘Jobs For You’ (and other tailored content) on the Today page here.

Keep inspiration safe forever with ‘saved project lists’

In our recent survey and Beta club sessions, many of you lovely lot noted that saving projects to lists or mood boards would be a big green tick - well, we’ve done it!
Now, when you’re hovering over the thumbnail of a project you particularly admire, you can keep it safe and saved forever. Great for storing inspiration for your own endeavours!
There's no limit to the lists you can save, and they can be private or shared - click here to find your saved lists. Want to send your list to a collaborator? Simply hit ‘share list’ and type in their name!
Top tip: you can save lists of people too. Simply hit the bookmark icon next to their profile (a great way to find potential collaborators and make note of people you’d like to connect with).

Want to have your say on our 2019 updates? Join our Beta Club!

Fancy being the first to check out our new features and give us feedback? Well, we’d love to hear from you! What’s more, you’ll gain access to our open studio events. You can be a part of our Beta Club from anywhere in the world! To get involved, email beta.club@the-dots.com