Flock Together & UNIQLO - TAKE FLIGHT

  • Sasha Kluvitse

Flock Together, a birdwatching collective for people of colour, celebrates the innovation of AIRism in a new campaign ‘Take Flight’.

Follow this simple breathing exercise to help find your balance, and take flight: Breathe in for 4. Hold for 2. Breathe out for 6. Repeat.
Instore across Europe.

Creative Director - Ollie Olanipekun Photographer - Juanita Richards Stylist - Randa Kherba Styling assistant - Courtney Mitchell MUA - Rebecca Davenport MUA Asst - Sunny cradock Hair stylist - Hiroshi Matsushita Art Direction- Lauren Harewood
Project Director - Ollie Oshodi Producer - Kirby Partington
Assistant Producer - Sasha Kluvitse Film Director and Editor- Curtis Essel Cinematographer - Billy Kendall Focus Puller - Owen Diplock
VFX - Devona Media⁣ Score/Sound Design - Amal Elhawrani Visual Production - 33BOUND Talent Desiree Laidler Georgia Nwawulor Zahra Asmail Usman N Rabiu Pietro Lombardo