Forms / Data Capture

  • Jade Wilson

Form redesign for Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

Mercedes-Benz and Smart needed a new, trusting feel for their forms. We set out to lay everything out to customers to put them at ease to hand over their data with a simple step-by-step journey.
One of the most important components of a website in order to sign up a subscriber, to sell, service, or to simply initiate customer support or to get feedback, a form must be filled out. The forms were very old and were in need of both an update to the UI, as well as the functionality and build process. Mercedes-Benz and Smart were having issues with people not signing up after GDPR and this project was set to help with the issue.
The brief was to redesign Mercedes-Benz and Smart forms to drive more sign-ups for the future and to improve the process of new form creation. Moving forward forms were to be built via a CMS. Within the CMS there will be different form elements and components the content team will be able to select from and use to create new forms. The new forms were to be based off of form template created by me during this project.