Fortnum and Mason

Digital Product Design | 2014 In 2014, I was honoured to be part of bringing the iconic Fortnum and Mason in-store shopping experience to a new generation online platform. Following a two-day hackathon and a rigorous discovery phase that expanded across look and feel, art direction, IA, as well as technical architecture, Red Badger tackled the project by holding a continuous delivery model that continuously tested and deployed features to Fortnum and Mason’s new eCommerce platform. With a user-centric process, we worked closely with our client and involved them in all of our discovery and design sessions. After the first round of designs, we ran multiple guerrilla tests in their Piccadilly store to receive customer feedback for this new experience. From the UI perspective, the design team took on the challenge to recreate everything from the look and feel to art direction for product photography on the new website, as well as continuous delivery. Within the framework of this project, I worked in agile across a cross-functional team of UX designers and software engineers in creating granular elements and full-page layouts, while designing an end-to-end responsive platform. I have focused intensively on the product pages, shopping carts and the end-to-end checkout journey. Client: Fortnum & Mason Agency: Red Badger Role: UI Designer