Game Before The Game - Beats By Dre

Before the goals, before the glory, there is a game. “The Game Before The Game” shares the pre-game rituals of football (soccer) players, fans and celebrities around the world, as they silence all doubts, distractions and fears in their preparation for victory. Every ritual from every player and nation is completely authentic, as is the role that Beats headphones have come to play in each athlete’s preparation for the game. The film stars some of the world’s greatest footballers – Neymar Jr., Goetze, Sturridge, Fabregas, Suarez, Chicarito, Van Persie, Schweinsteiger, Altidore, Sagna, Matuidi – and features their authentic pre-game rituals. It also includes some of the world’s biggest celebrity football fans: LeBron James, Serena Williams, Rio Ferdinand, and Thierry Henry.