Gatekeeper Magazine

  • C-Jaye Newton
  • Emily Wignall
  • Elisa Colson
  • Natascha Ng
  • Lucy Alves

The commercial art market is valued at $64.1 billion. However, with it being unregulated, the art market as a whole is impossible to pin down. It is infinite. Through understanding the vast composition of the art market we can understand how to access it, question it and bargain for a healthier system. Gatekeeper magazine aims to investigate the art market in all entities, gaining insight into some of the ways in which artists explore this as a theme within their practice. The range of approaches to this immeasurable topic shows how artists can focus their future work, either tailoring it to be a financially beneficial business venture or by going against the art markets commercial bubble, through alternative economies . Our first issue will analyse the use of ‘transaction’ within the art market. This theme will unravel emerging artists personal experiences trading and selling work to an unpredictable and unregulated industry. Creative direction and graphic design; C-Jaye Newton & Elisa Colson IG: gatekeeper magazine