Google 'Break The Internet' Event

Article originally published by Campaign, see here.
Image Credit: Israel Peters

Google's UK social team delivered its latest social media influencer event for the digital marketing medium's top players on Monday (5 April)
The event, which was held at Google’s in-house venue, The Townhall, was inspired by incidents that recently ‘broke the internet’ on social media. 
The space included a Drake 'Hotline Bling' inspired photo GIF booth by The Flash Pack, meanwhile R&B trio WSTRN delivered a live performance alongside DJ sets by Alexis Knox, Siobhan Bell and DJ Semtex. 
The immersive event was attended by the likes of Jamal Edwards, Rafferty and Iris Law – the children of actor Jude Law, and Danielle Peazer. 
Agency Amplify worked with Mercedes Benson, social influencer manager at Google UK to develop and deliver the concept as part of a series of quarterly influencer events. 
Benson said: "We wanted Break The Internet to create an immersive, exciting environment for a generation that lives for social. By creating a night full of social currency - for the world's most switched on content creators - everyone went home happy and #GoogleSocial trended nationally. We're very very happy."