Greater than 11% - £20k for 20k

  • Renee Vaughan Sutherland

Greater than 11% is crowdsourcing funds to support creatives facing financial hardship as a result of Covid19. As creatives ourselves, we have experienced times when income and cash flow were tight... or non-existent right? Not having to worry about next month's rent, being able to purchase software to complete a project or being able to afford travel to an interview / casting / audition can make a significant difference to us creatives' survival and mental health. It's bloody difficult to be creative when you are consumed with worry or unable to access the one thing that will change your situation whilst hustling hard. The pandemic has been destabilising for thousands of people in the UK and the creative sectors have been hit particularly hard. We have witnessed many of our friends, colleagues, peers who are not eligible for the same support as other working people because they are self-employed. They have also lost contracts, are unable to generate income during the lockdown and are struggling. The furlough scheme ends in October, compounding the dire situation for those working in the Arts, Music, Film & TV and Media and Comms across the country. A self-funded initiative, the Greater than 11% podcast, now in its second series and having interviewed 100+ women and non-binary people, will hit 20,000 downloads in September. We are focused on raising £20k to coincide with the 20K downloads. The rationale - £1 for every download equals £20,000 and could be used to provide small grants to those in dire need. If you are in a position where you can donate financially you can do so here: You can also help by sharing and promoting the campaign on your social channels.