Greater than 11%

  • Renee Vaughan Sutherland

Greater than 11% is on a mission to contribute to more equal and diverse creative industries within years, not decades. The name "Greater than 11%" came from the jaw-dropping statistic in May 2018 that "only 11% of women held the title of Creative Director in the UK Media & Communications industry." That figure was even more severe for women of colour, landing at around 3%. Those woefully low percentages aren't exclusive to the advertising sector; they appear across the entire creative industry. We saw red and we got to work. We started formulating ways to inspire, improve and build a pipeline of talent that could access the information they needed and be given opportunities to be creative. We interview awesome women and those identifying as non-binary about their careers, professions and creative journey. You can listen to our podcast, read our blogs, and attend our events- all info available on our website: