Grill cu Șpil - Lidl

  • Laura Fluture
  • Carina Toma Toma
  • Paul Craciunescu

The show where we give the grill what belongs to the grill

It’s summertime! This means that grills everywhere are sizzling to keep the good summer vibes rolling! A perfect time to roll out another show for Lidl Romania.

“Grill with a Catch” is the summer edition of the cooking show “Fried in the Kitchen”.

An internet grilling show consisting of 4 episodes where guests are grilling alongside Ionuț Rusu & Micutzu, two of the most famous Romanian comedians.
While grilling, they have to go through pop culture games & challenges, supervised by the hosts of the show. Each of them especially tailored to bring out the best (or worst) in every guest.
In the first episode of the series, the director of the show, Alex Coteț, became the main guest.

As part of the grill-making process, Alex had to go through a roast made by Micutzu in order to fire up the grill. As every grill needs a salad, he then has to cut endless amounts of onion while telling us the funniest story about himself.

The episode ends with an original punk-rock song called “I WANT ONION”, a personal testimony from Alex about his punk-rocker past and, of course, his fine taste in vegetables.
KUBIS team
Carina Toma – Group Creative Director Paul Crăciunescu – Copywriter Laura Fluture – Art Director Cristina Schițco – Group Account Director Florina Simon – Account Manager Ștefania Bercu – Strategic Planner Marian Ciungu – Photo & Editor