• Matthias Reichwald
  • Hamlet Auyeung
  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Wagner Lucio
  • Marta Gaspar
  • Marina Willer

Founded in 2008, Harambeans today form Africa’s most pioneering network of young entrepreneurs. Collectively Harambeans created over 3,000 jobs, raised over $400m in capital and built ventures valued at over $1bn collectively. In order to reflect the innovation and energy of the network, Pentagram’s Marina Willer worked with the team to create a new visual identity, bringing to life the true spirit of ‘Harambee’ – to work together as one. Brand development: Marina Willer, Pentagram Role: Brand implementation, Co-founder, Board member

‘Harambee’ translates as to pull together as one from Swahili, and describes the core belief of the organisation in bringing together young African entrepreneurs and supporters to Build Africa’s Future.