HSBC brief for D&AD

  • Jessie Delatousche

Bring to life HSBC’s brand promise ‘Together we thrive’ through an illustration or animation led campaign. This project focuses on HSBC's 5 main values: Sustainability Sport Diversity & inclusion Trade & commerce Education Featured are a diverse array of characters – which helps to emphasize that HSBC is open to anyone.

I tried to encapsulate HSBC as a company through the values they support in a visual manner that is different to any campaign they’ve had before. Their past campaigns have revolved around photography, so this campaign was intended to be illustrative.

This style helps promote the company as family friendly which brings forward a feeling of safety and stability.
The typeface and all illustrations are hand drawn which once again echos the family friendly feel. This typeface would only be used on HSBC’s illustrative campaigns as the typeface matches the personality of the illustrations, whereas their usual type – Universe – is more suited to their normal photographic campaigns. The handwritten aspect also makes the campaign a lot more natural and personal.
The animations were intended to work alongside a travellator therefore I needed them to move with the viewer. Each video has a linking feature which hops from one screen to the next as a transition to the next poster. The animations are discreet so that the videos are easy to follow and not overwhelming.

The videos are all the same length which means they can be looped and synchronised together - either on the same screen or multiple screens.
The bank cards were illustrated alongside the HSBC logo to tie in with the previous Hexagon campaign. I designed bank cards to give the campaign a deeper connection with the customer. You see the drawings on the campaign, you sign up to the bank, your card arrives and finally you’re reconnected with the illustrations.
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