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In the UK, 62% of the population cannot speak any second language. Only 38% of the UK can hold a conversation in a language other than their mother tongue. Learning languages aids in integrating migrants into countries which in turn influences education, health, marriage, social integration and political participation.

The main goal of the publication was to try and encourage and educate people on the benefits of learning new languages while also encouraging language migration. The publication takes you on a journey from the beginning of language through to why the reader should think about learning a new one. Universal and Scottish languages are also topics covered.
Following are some page highlights
Pages such as “SPEAK!”, “WRITE!” and “SIGN!” encourages people to engage with different forms of language. Additionally, it demonstrates migration as people are sharing and comparing their answers with each other.
The publication an exercise book of sorts. Although exercise books are normally aimed towards younger school students, language learning must start at very basic levels. The interactive elements help readers better understand and immerse themselves into the publication.
The colour palette is meant to reflect colours you associate with school – ones you’d often find on the cover of school jotters or in school textbooks. There are illustrations throughout to keep the publication visual and upbeat, and word definitions to emphasize the topic of language.
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Overview of the entire publication
A look into my reserach and development!

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