• Tim Smith
  • Phillippa Hughes
  • Sophie Hutson
  • Grace Mostyn
  • Eddie Caldwell

Hybrid Theory challenge the practices and relevance of the ad-tech market. Previously Affectv they are a new breed of digital partner with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. They came to Fluoro in order to help them create a visual language, brand identity and direction for representing their global ambition. We were tasked with creating a strategic concept that would re-position them as leaders within the industry. Fluoro worked closely with Hybrid Theory in order to visualise their unique values and offering. Their new approach allowed brands and agencies access to a unique combination of talent and tech. These four elements helped form the cornerstones of the brand marque. The negative space within represents the added value, only present by bringing these components together. Thus in turn forming a hybrid. The brand appearance is based upon the core elements of square pixels and an RGB colour palette - giving it an unashamedly digital presence. This minimal appearance helped cut through the clutter of competitors - who seem to confuse their clients into submission with an often convoluted approach. In contrast, by offering clients trust and transparency - Hybrid Theory believe in Making the Complex Simple. We applied this simplistic approach across all touch points, which included layouts built upon square grid structures and a bespoke iconography set. We applied the same logic to the website, which acted as a portal in expressing Hybrid Theory's clear and decisive vision. The brands positive energy and honest attitude was brought to life through graphic animation.