Ideas Report 2020

  • Leonora Chance
  • Karen van de Kraats
  • Linda Mertens
  • Holly Fraser

This year, WeTransfer surveyed an astounding 35,000 people in 183 countries about how the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected their work, ideation, confidence, and self-doubt. In addition, WeTransfer released an interactive game, and a video series featuring five well-known creatives unpacking the overarching theme of the report — how times of doubt and uncertainty can be a catalyst for change. Events stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have upended the creative industry—in fact, 78% of respondents to the Ideas Report say they have experienced a change in their work environment due to the pandemic. However, responses to the survey overwhelmingly revealed that artists and creatives are finding opportunity in uncertainty; new ways to connect, create, and stay inspired in a year defined by rapid change. WeTransfer’s video series features talks on navigating doubt from creative powerhouses Alice Aedy (documentary photographer), Antwaun Sargent (art critic), Ben Hammersley (journalist and futurist; coined the term “podcast”), Holley M. Kholi-Murchison (multimedia storyteller), and Natasha Jen (designer and partner, Pentagram), who share their five-word mantras for navigating this difficult year.

Read, watch and listen to the report via the link below.