Identec Solutions – branding

  • Ian Moore

Identec Solutions is a B2B innovator in IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). The brand concept was based on ‘Muda’, a Japanese word for ‘wastefulness’. The ‘productivity killers’ faced by their customers were given tangible forms through monsters and mazes. My role was bringing fresh eyes to the grounding principles and developing the brand to work beyond the initial concepts. I was part of the team at GW + Co. Winner of 1 Gold and 2 Bronze Transform Awards © GW+Co

The MUDA maze
This bold geometric op-art style maze informed all of the graphics elements, including the logo, typography and product sub-brands.
The mark
Built from building blocks of the maze, the ‘I’ orientates and the ‘S’ of solutions opens up a path of escape.
Product sub-brands
The parent brand and sub-brands were developed in parallel – with name alliteration providing inspiration for the double letter monograms.
The messaging offered a moment of calm from the claustrophobia of the maze. It was intended that the monsters are not always seen at first sight – rewarded with repeated viewings.
The website and other communications were further developed by the team.
MUDA font
Designed to fit neatly into the maze grid and obey its rules – it can be used for more playful applications and messaging.