Illustrative typography design for Magento

  • Viviane Leezer

For the digital agency Youwe, I illustrated their handout bags when they were promoting their Magento Sap/Ax connector service during a trade fair. The illustrations were inspired by the word "connector" which compelled me to design illustrative typography that connect the words to each other to give a more technical and technology feel to the visuals. It was important to make illustrations that attracted the serious target audience while still be visually eye-catching. Client Youwe Credits Illustrator: Viviane Leezer

The words Ax and Sap are abstract concepts. The bag included a handout booklet explaining in extensive detail what they are with an informative infographic designed by me. It wasn't necessary to put an infographic style illustration on top of the handout bags. The handout bags were meant as an extra gift that needed visuals that enticed the audiences visiting Youwe's stand at the trade fair.
Because the Ax and Sap connector is so abstract in concept it was best suited to choose illustrative visuals to convey them. The simple beauty of illustration is that you can depict literally anything you like.
I designed two illustrations that were a set together. The Ax connector was made for the black handout bag and the Sap connector was made for the White bag. Only the words were swapped.