Magento Sap/Ax connector Infographic

  • Viviane Leezer

I designed the Magento Sap/Ax connector Infographic for the digital agency Youwe to promote their business during trade fairs. The infographic was part of their informative booklet that Youwe gave for visitors visiting their stand. The infographic eventually became the inspiration point for establishing the illustration style for the Youwe brand. Due to this infographic, I became responsible for developing the illustration style for their brand. We live in a time in which we suffer from information overload. Compared with 1986, we receive 5x as much information today [1]. On average only 28% of words are read by users per visit [2]. Infographics help because they are more engaging, make the information easy to digest and have a high shareability. For example, research shows that the willingness to read increases by 80% with colourful visuals [3]. Due to this, The Head of the Marketing department of Youwe commissioned me to design an illustrative infographic that compels the reader to read more and to keep the Youwe booklet. Client Youwe

Above you can view how the infographic was at first before I redesigned it into the imaginative visual that it is now.
Illustrative visuals can make a simple sales tool become a piece of art. Instead of quickly read scanning the booklet and throwing it away, people want to keep the booklet. Technical and informative information doesn't have to be translated into a boring visual. It was vital to develop an image that triggered the reader to become curious and to read the rest of the booklet. Good design makes a product understandable.
A limited colour palette was used so the illustrations fitted the Youwe brand. Making sure that the Magento colour of the Youwe brand stands out with the easy supportive greys.
The Magento Sap/Ax connector was extremely exaggerated in its imagery. As a metaphor for the connector, a massive fantasy-like machine was portrayed. This made the story about the connector, which was at first confusing and irritating, more fun and compelling for the reader to discover.
Here you can view the infographic in the context of the booklet.
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