Intern Issue Three: The Education Issue

  • Hollie Fernando
  • Alec Dudson
  • Daniel Ali
  • Natalie Craven
  • Michael William Lester
  • Ana Santl
  • Hannah Sargeant
  • Madison Shackell-York
The Education Issue.
Cover photograph 'Making the Jump' by Luke Evans symbolises the soft landing that higher education is supposed to provide graduates with when entering the job market.

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Transition & Flux: Educator, Student and Artist Sophie Lee opens the issue by charting the changes in creative education and the creative industry since the Bauhaus. The questions she poses are responded to at points throughout the issue.
Lab.: Lara Bullens takes a look at Foam Lab, the programme by Foamphotography museum in Amsterdam which recruits an eclectic team of graduates each year. The lab set-up varies each year in order to ensure an enriching experience for all involved.
To Earn or Learn: First year university student Andrew Bennett looks at the financial implications of going into higher education in the UK as opposed to entering the workplace after A-levels.
A Place to Grow: Eike König explains his policy of only full-time employees at HORT via paid internships. Caroline Kurze explores whether his position at Offenbach University of the Arts is an influence and meets the current interns Jan Buchczik and Martin Groch.
Test Run: Camberwell Press is a creative studio based at Camberwell College of Art, staffed by recent graduates, who for the most part, work unpaid in return for use of the studio space, facilities and the opportunity to tackle real briefs. Hannah Sargeant assesses the trade-off.
Fairfield of Dreams: Unimpressed with the way that a fee-paying system has limited opportunities for emerging artists who aren’t wealthy, Ryan Ganderis building a different kind of art school. Fairfield International will be a free residency programme where places are granted depending on potential and need.


  • Daniel Ali
  • Jordan Barse
  • Michael Beckert
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Lara Bullens
  • Natalie Craven
  • Diane Dal-pra
  • Raj Dhunna
  • Alec Dudson
  • Luke Evans
  • Hollie Fernando
  • Aurélie Garnier
  • Jamie Gillingham
  • Oliver Griffin
  • Zuza Grubecka
  • Luther Himes IV
  • Nina Hoogstraate
  • Amanda Jasnowski
  • Caroline Kurze
  • Sophie Lee
  • Michael Lester
  • Jennifer Lo
  • Sanja Marušić
  • Max Mikulecky
  • Zara Joan Miller
  • George Morton
  • Hollie Myles
  • Sara O’Brien
  • Bram Prins
  • Gabe Rosenberg
  • Lucie Rox
  • Ana Santl
  • Hannah Sargeant
  • Bryan Schutmaat
  • Madison Shackell-York
  • Jacky Sheridan
  • Hannah Turner
  • Alice Tye
  • H.G. Watson
  • Shirley Yu


153 pages PUR bound. Cover – Novatech Matt 300gsm. Coated sections – Claro Gloss 130gsm. Uncoated sections – Edixion Offset 120gsm. Printed in East London by Park Communications.
Designed by She Was Only.