• Naz Yunt
Saudi has a culture that has a low tolerance to bullshit - in fact they already make fun of it. So... Sprite wants to be the 1st brand that stands for being real. 
How can we get Saudi's to be real and buy Sprite?
We introduce a new formula that contains: MIN JID!
Sarcasm - MIN JID? An expressive statement used when experiencing something weird or unbelievable. Just as an English speaker would say "seriously?" Ex. Grown macho man making a duck face... Min Jid? Seriously?
Confirmation - MIN JID! An expressive statement used for confirming truth and realism. Just as an English speaker would say "It's real!" Ex. Min Jid Lamoon/It's real Lemon
When we launch this brand we want people to question what the new ingredient is and what is Min Jid? So we brought this attitude to life through the cans. Taking true insights from the young Saudi adults and reflecting real situations on the can designs.
MIN JID Sprite - It's Real Sprite
MY ROLE: Creative / Art Direction / Design / Illustration


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