lbd: Forget 9 to 5. It’s all about 5 to 9.

Getting the girls round for a pre-drink is fast becoming just as important to young females as the night itself. This occasion called for something light, refreshing and full of style. So LBD was born. Finally, a refreshing, vodka based drink that spoke their language.

Our Challenge:

To launch and drive awareness of lbd with a very specific target market of 18-24 year old females and establish its role within their lives, on a tight budget with no media support.

Our Approach:

We had to uncover what our girls wanted and needed, understand the behaviours in their digital world, and what ‘getting ready to go out’ means to them. So we hand-picked groups to create digital diaries, along with social listening tools and detailed interviews. With this, we found our hook.

We had to be seen as one of the girls and find a way to position lbd as part of their intimate group. Strangers couldn’t barge in so we had to behave like a true friend. To do exactly the right thing at exactly the right time to make an impact on their digital behaviour.

Our Story:

We created a website and social strategy using a peer-to-peer approach to engage our audience. We were able to learn their language and fit in. Talk to them, not at them. Make them forget the 9 to 5 and live for the 5 to 9. We made it as quick and easy as possible for consumers to get their hands on the product, but lbd was only available in Asda – so we geo-targeted our media and created an lbd locator, enabling our girls to find their favourite pre-drink at their nearest store.

Our Impact:

Within weeks we had a phenomenally strong Facebook community of over 8,000 and an engagement rate of 3% (industry average 1%). With help from our product locator, over 10,000 clicks drove sales directly to Asda.