Macmillan Cancer Support 'Value Based Approach' | Documentary

  • William Roberts
  • Sarah Broadbent

In 2019 I edited a 15 minute documentary for Macmillan Cancer Support about the 'Value Based Approach', a new patient centred method of conducting cancer care and cancer services. This was a very eye opening project to edit and it was really rewarding to work on a film that would help make a positive difference to those affected by cancer. I worked with the director and producer in pre production to decide how we were going to tell this story creatively. This meant that when it came to post production I had a clear strategy and approach for crafting over 15 hours of interviews and observational footage in to an engaging 15 minute film. During post production I took the decision to incorporate actuality sound bites from the b-roll throughout the narrative. I feel like this added a 'cinema verite' aspect, which helped to engage the audience and strengthen the connection between what was being said in the talking head interviews and what was being shown in the b-roll. Perfecting the sound design of the film was really important as it helped punctuate the different locations and scenes of the film. Simple things like adding a ticking clock sound effect to the scene about patient waiting times helped reinforce the message that time is so crucial to cancer care and add a feeling of urgency to the scene. In addition to the main 'feature' I edited 4 short 3-5 minute films. One of which is below.