Meet Twill

  • Tandeka Lauriciano
  • Alice Cappo

CHALLENGE Launched in 2017, Twill is a new startup in the freight forwarding industry. To shake up one of the world’s oldest industries, Twill is looking to redefine the customer experience within shipping. We were asked to create a new landing page to reflect this vision, and bring the content and copy in line with what Twill stands for: simplicity, and a new way of shipping. SOLUTION A new Twill landing page for both desktop and mobile with a new message to customers: this is a more you way of shipping. The page highlighted how Twill puts its customers first by making shipping simple. We explained its services without the usual jargon, and lead with the customer benefit. We also gave people a first look at Twill’s innovative digital platform, to emphasise how easy it is to get started. See the live page here:

Messaging and content
  • Changing the messaging to talk directly to customers, and introduce a new way of shipping, tailored to each user.
  • Elevating a clear CTA to sign up and start shipping.
  • Showcasing the digital platform and helping customers easily understand the product.
  • Incorporating an interactive map that allows customers to see if Twill can service their needs.