Menopause at Work

  • Pansy Aung
  • Consuelo Zaccaron

Menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic. Yet unlike maternity, there is a lack of awareness and support for it in the workplace. To raise awareness of menopause in the workplace for Menopause Awareness Week (w/c Oct 18), menopause support organisation Over the Bloody Moon commissioned myself and multidisciplinary creative Consuelo Zaccaron to create a series of still life portraits - "Menopause at Work" to express some of the common tensions and issues Over the Bloody Moon hear from their community. This provocative photography series seeks to make people stop, smile, and engage in this often stigmatised subject. Capturing unexpected pairings of workplace objects to represent the visible and invisible symptoms of menopause.

Hot Flushes
Mood Swings
Loss of Libido
Memory Lapse
Brain Fog
The images will be released in the public domain for all to use on October 18th World Menopause Awareness Day. It will also be included in a free virtual exhibition and event happening on the October 22nd called ‘Menopause Portraits at Work’ where we will hear three different women’s accounts of menopause at work and meet the artists behind this advocacy campaign.