Mindfulness for Difficult Times

  • Emilie Chen
  • Nikhil Acharya
  • Sophie King

Unmind is a pioneering online platform that helps employers help their teams to look after their own health and well-being by giving them access to classes and resources on yoga, bereavement, anxiety, stress, etc. I was brought on board by content agency Just So to bring to life ‘Mindfulness for Difficult Times’, a series of seven 3 to 5 minutes sessions written and narrated by Choden, the Buddhist monk and mindfulness teacher. Taking inspiration from meditation visual aids like the mandala (which literally translates as circles) and the Japanese zen garden designs I created a visual language that reflected Choden’s background but also stayed in line with Unmind brand look & feel of continuous lines, with the objective to create an experience as calming and soothing as a meditation exercise. Here's a selection of snippets from the sessions. Animation by Plastic Horse


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