ModernLit [In Conversation with @SliderCuts]

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Mark Maciver was joined by London-based bookclub ModernLit in an event for Warner Music UK. Having dissected his book in their own time, they curated a stimulating evening around the themes of 'shaping culture' and 'levelling up'. They read through carefully selected extracts from their favourite business books & discussed these insights with Mark.

Mark, aka SliderCuts, has been cutting hair professionally for over fifteen years. During that time, he has nurtured a superlative client list, which runs the gamut from basketball player Lebron James to world heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua, as well as TV personality Reggie Yates and high-hitting UK rappers Stormzy and Tinie Tempah, amongst others.

His razor-sharp skills have shaped him into one of the leading experts in his field. Furthermore, his vast knowledge and business acumen has made him a trusted figure within the wider community.
The aim of the book? To share a wealth of key business insights and practical "how-to's" to help level-up your thinking, step up your goals and prepare for radical business success.
Our top three QUOTABLES from the night?

1) The world keeps moving - the world doesn’t stop. You can only move in two directions, forwards or backwards. So if you stand still and the world keeps on moving, you’re only end up moving backwards.

2) [in response to a question about organic growth] People don’t see themselves as businesses.....but in the realms of business, what is organic is to put yourself out there.

3) It’s a waste to waste your potential when you’re thinking about the things you don’t have rather than the things you do have.


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