Music in Leeds Vol I-III

  • Jamie Salmon
  • Jennifer Lee O'Brien
Made in partnership with the BBC, The City Talking: Music in Leeds, Vol.I-III, applies the storytelling sensibilities of The City Talking newspaper to a thirty-five year period when music made Leeds a city where you didn’t want to miss a note, a beat, a synth stab or a chord.
Each film in the series featured a physical timeline, based around the wall of a well known gig venue in Leeds – The Cockpit, The Brudenell and The Warehouse – posters of relevant bands from across the years pasted up to illustrate changes in time and culture.
Each was constructed out of multiple photographs, photoshopped into one long seamless wall. Using After Effects, camera movement and paralax scrolling was added to create the impression that it was one long camera take.
The first film can be watched in its entirety on the BBC Radio Leeds site – – which features the animated timeline, intro and titles I created for the film, or embedded below (along with the 2nd and 3rd volumes further down.
A teaser campaign was created for the first film, rendering lyrics from famous Leeds songs in neon, composited into physical spaces in the city centre.