• Calvin Cho
  • Sienna Lam
  • Nina Aragón
Project Brief
In a group of 5 students, we will use the process of Design Thinking to propose a future digital experience of fashion communication. It is up to us as a group to define the area of fashion communication you will use to communicate your experience, e.g. a future retail experience, a future brand/collection experience, a future publishing experience, a future exhibition experience.
We will prototype, test and improve upon a single design concept via a cycle of iterative designs, culminating in a designed video proposal (trailer) that shows our concept in action.
Our group has envisioned Mynd, an AI-powered app that collects your data from all the companies you subscribe to, and visualises it for user-friendliness, making it much easier to understand. Your data will be centrally stored in a singular, secure place enabling you to own and manage your data as you see fit.
We aim to partner with Monzo, a highly current and contemporary company that has redefined what banks should be. It has empowered young people to better manage their money, especially with the daily struggle with budgeting limited funds. Monzo is the street-smart bank for the smartphone generation, anchored by a brilliant app. They are all about visibility, control and ultimately responsibility.
Mynd, is for people who live their life on their mobile phone, that’s the primary unifying factor. This is an app that would be designed in the same way that WhatsApp, Citymapper, Uber and Amazon are. It will give you real-time visibility and control. It will be one of those home-screen apps... you know, you have those five or six apps you use to live your life and Mynd will be one of those apps.