Nationwide Degree Show: The VaynerMedia Curation

  • Eleanor Spickett
  • Issy Sinclair
  • Becky Sidwell
  • James Sheard
  • Shivali Patel
  • Lauren Stanton

The Nationwide Degree Show is a collection of work from art & design students, who's final year shows have been cancelled due to COVID19. What started as an initiative by Fresh Meet to plaster billboards across the UK with student work, has now resulted in an online collection of over 1000 submissions from over 100 universities and 17 creative disciplines. The Curation Series is a programme of student work selected by industry leaders, creative pioneers and trendsetters. Below you will find a selection of student work curated by Becky Mc-Owen Banks, Executive Creative Director at advertising agency VaynerMedia London.

VaynerMedia is a full-service global advertising and marketing agency built for the now. Vayner propels some of the biggest brands in the world to the intersection of attention and culture. Becky McOwen-Banks is not only ECD at VaynerMedia London, but also Cannes Lions and TedX Speaker, D&AD and Creative Circle Judge and IPA Councillor. At VaynerMedia Becky works will all clients, including stellar brands such as UNICEF, Natwest and PepsiCo.

#1 - Eleanor Spickett

The first selected piece in this curation is a prospective advert for Martini by graduate Eleanor Spickett
Becky writes, "The back-to-the-old-school simplicity of this advert won me over. The image tells the whole story with charm".
Eleanor Spickett, The University of Central Lancashire.
Eleanor writes, "D&AD New Blood Entry. The sun is the traditional way of telling the time. Aperitivo, pre meal drinks with the ones that matter most to us, as the sun goes down. Telling time via the sun to indicate ‘Martini Time’. Keeping tradition and friendships alive with Martini."

#2 - Issy Sinclair and Lauren Stanton

The second selected piece in this curation is a prospective advert for Spotify by graduates Issy Sinclair and Lauren Stanton.
Becky writes, "Again, a clear, clean and with charm way to approach a potentially tricky situation".
Issy Sinclair and Lauren Stanton, BA Advertising at the University of Gloucestershire.
They write "Music often puts our feelings into words better than we can. With many people struggling to know how to support a friend in need, this poster shows how sending a song could help start a conversation."

#3 - Shivali Patel

This selected piece in this curation is a poster design by graduate Shivali Patel.
Becky writes, "The rhythm, balance and controlled playfullness of the design really resonated – all with an appealing colour palette".
Shivali Patel, BA Graphic Communication at the University of Westminster.
Shivali writes "This poster design is one of many pieces which has been created for a hypothetical exhibition. The content of the exhibition is on the development of typography."

#4 - James Sheard

The fourth selection for this curation is a typeface and demonstration designed by James Sheard.
Becky writes "What a super way to keep a culture growing and active in language to create a superbly useable typeface."
James Sheard, BA Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University.
About this project, James says "Display typeface Castle, and accompanying type specimen, was inspired by Welsh history. It references these visually through exaggerated serifs as well as Wales' rich Industrial Revolution which is shown through the block type style."

#5 - Hamzah Shaikh

Becky's 5th choice is a book jacket design by Hamzah Shaikh.
On this, Becky says "The balance of negative space and the design/illustration is exsquiste. I love the delicacy of traditional Japanese design and this carries the essence in a contemporary way."
Hamzah Shaikh, Graphic Design at De Montfort University.
On her design, Hamzah writes "My work is inspired by nature, I envision a world where nature becomes part of our daily lives and I intend to show this through my artwork. This particular book cover is about the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku which translates to forest bathing. I intended to encourage people to take part in this activity and spent more time with nature to help with health and relaxation."

#6 - Becky Sidwell

Becky's final selection for this curation is a typeface design by Becky Sidwell
Becky writes "A brilliant response to a global issue – and resulting in an attractive and useable typeface. It has charm but also impact in tackling a real-world issue. I loved it."
Becky Sidwell, Staffordshire University.
Becky says "Gaia is a new sustainable typeface. Each character has a reduced amount of pixels (half the normal amount) therefore when printing, electricity and ink is being saved. The name Gaia derives from Dr James Lovelock. The Gaia theory deposits that the organic and inorganic components of plant earth have evolved as a sustainable system.Gaia’s pixel amount is 50% smaller than a normal typeface. Therefore, the amount of electricity and ink is around 50% less too. With this in mind it means that each ink cartridge will last twice as long due to the reduced amount of ink being used."
You can find more talent from all of our submissions to the Nationwide Degree Show or through the Fresh Meet profile.

You can also visit the artists of this curation in the project credits below.

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