Next Lingerie Launch

  • Cristina Lopez
  • Simon Reid
Thought: From casual, to super sexy, our inner personality can change on a daily basis. With the ‘Shape’ collection, no matter what character we’re playing that day, there’s a bra to match, with a personality to suit.

What we did : Each bra in the ‘Shape’ collection came with its own personality. We wanted to take those personalities to a whole new level and create styles, scenarios and even lifestyles around each bra. We did this by creating a moodboard series of the 5 different key bra shapes, personified as women

The Result: A cheeky content series of each bra transformed into a character for our audience to identify with and find their perfect match based on characteristics (cough..functionalities!)

Platforms: Facebook & Twitter

What I learnt: Most women stick to what they know rather than what is best for them. I think we should change that, don't you?


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