NTS live production

  • Alex Elder

Some of the shows I'm most proud of producing at NTS over the past half decade

Lee Gamble - 26/03/18
It was an honour to produce for left-field selector (and one of my musical idles), Lee Gamble.

Yurufuwa Gang & Ryan Hemsworth - 31/05/19
A one-off show to promote their collaborative 'Circus Circus' EP, Ryan Hemsworth and rap duo Yurufuwa Gang stopped by the studio to play some weirdo trap tunes and perform a live version of single 'Fresh All Day' (30 mins into recording).

Gqom Oh! - 25/01/19
Nan Kolè's monthly snapshot of the sounds and develoments in South Africa's Gqom scene. In the second of his 'Artist Focus' show seires, Nan shines a light on TLC Fam; a large collective featuring many of Durban's leading producers.

Verbal Volley - 18/08/18
Start of the Premiere League special from football & grime talk-show, Verbal Volley.

Akito (Acid Fantasy takeover) - 13/07/18
Akito, Wallwork & Loom warmed up before their biggest Acid Fantasy event in what basically became a house-party in the studio.
Features the most hilarious event plug I've ever heard from Loom (and also some starsign-based bigging up) 41 minutes in.

Coby Sey - 09/12/17
Coby constantly keeps me guessing when it comes to what I'm going to be typing into his tracklist. This show features Dean Blunt, some exclusive Curl demos from Coby & Mica Levi & an unexpected segway into hardcore near the end.

Circadian Rhythms (Last Dayz special) - 26/10/18
Last Japan, Blackwax & guest Plata pulled out all the stops in their October '18 show; celebrating Plata's 'Last Dayz' EP and their upcoming Five Miles EP launch party.

Gage Nite Bus Radio w/ Gage - 11/11/17
Much like Coby's show, Gage's unpredictable late night slot is never anything short of enthralling. Essential listening.

Floating Roofs w/ Madison McFerrin
Tej Adeleye's Floating Roofs show is one of the best ways to start your Saturday. Before her slot at All Points East, Madison McFerrin stopped by for an interview and live performance.

Fauzia - 25/05/18
160 BPM power hour from (then) new NTS recruit Fauzia. Footwork, trap & high energy.

Plz Make it Ruins (Pop special) - 04/08/2017
Frank Ocean's close collaborator Vegyn & guest Michael Uzowuru got all nostalgic during the first live Plz Make It Ruins show. Features absolute classics by Macy Gray, the New Radicals & Natalie Imbruglia.

Coby Sey: Live - 16/09/17
Armed with nothing more than his guitar and a handful of samples, Coby proceeded to freestyle for the whole hour in September 2017. Due to having his hands full with his guitar, I ended up triggering and picking some of the background sounds whilst Coby manipulated his vocals and guitar directly through the DJM. A very special show to have been a part of.