On boarding for new partners at Trouva

  • Jason Hancock

I was brought in at Trouva to support their product team based in Retail Operations. They had been working on improving the on-boarding of new boutiques to the Trouva platform for both the business and their partners.

Their research showed huge opportunities to reduce workload for their customer executives, remove the dependency on third-party platforms and make a fully own-able experience by Trouva for newly signed up boutiques.

Working with their research I developed and design the new user flow and supporting screens. We managed to reduce the sign up process from up to 3 weeks down to 1 day, observing one user complete the process in 40 minutes.

I was also invited to work on other parts of the platform:

  • Re-design of boutique profile pages to better organise forms, introduce a preview builder for the boutique page and auto save
  • Re-design of the product upload page to use a preview builder, better use of category management and improved form structure
  • Design of information modals for the newly added UPS Access Point delivery option
  • Refresh the orders management page to improve usability
  • Design of the new Star Boutiques profile page to improve story telling and show the uniqueness of the boutiques awarded Star Boutique status