Oven-Free Feasts

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  • Emily Crook

As a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis, we noticed an increase in Gousto customers looking for a way to continue enjoying flavour-packed meals while keeping track of their energy consumption. Enter: Oven-Free Feasts. A range of stove-top recipes developed to give customers the same variety and choice they know and love, without the use of an oven.


Pick up a pan and hit up the hob for these delicious home-cooked favourites.

We’ve heard your calls for a stove-top twist on your favourite recipes, so say au revoir to oven cooking and take your stirring skills up a level.

Get stuck into dinners packed with the flavours you know and love as you simmer, sizzle and season your way to oven-free feasts.

You’ll have the choice to step up your Sunday roast with juicy pan-fried chicken and crispy rosemary potatoes for a no-bake take on a British classic, or try our range of easy peasy one-pot pastas. Then it’s out with the oven, in with the stew as you rustle up a decadent butternut squash dal.

Oven-free eating has never been easier.
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"Gousto unveils Christmas menu featuring 60 minute roasts with all the trimmings" - Mirror
"Gousto launches Sunday Roast you can make without an oven in 30 minutes" - Wales Online


76 coverage pieces (5 top tier, 3 national hits)
6.64% email CTR (+1.02% on brand average and highest this year)


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