• Harry Ingrams
  • Huw Thomas
  • Becky Okell

Paynter Jacket Co. take iconic jacket styles and re-make them using the best materials that they can find. Each jacket they make is part of a limited edition run, and hand numbered in the order it’s sold. Paynter jackets each have illustrated labels on the inside, that tells a story of that Batch, plus details that most brands would cut out. Details like their care label that I designed based on their concept and words, translating the idea into a print ready label. Not just telling you how to take care of your jacket, but also how to take care of yourself.

For Batch No.3, I was commissioned to create collages using images provided by their customers.
“Harry is hands down the most thoughtful and proactive designer we've worked with. His work pushes us into newer and better directions with every project he works on. Very excited for more to come!” —Founders, Paynter Jacket Co.


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