Personal Branding

  • Kayleigh Ivanov

Since I am of Russian decent I thought that I would use this in my personal branding and turn myself into a Russian doll to show the various layers of who I am as a persona swell as a creative person. I have created business cards, a mini portfolio, and a leave behind.

The business cards I created came as a set of 4 held in a pouch with a window cut into it and a russian pattern designed on it. (These 2 patterns then feature throughout my branding.) Each card has an illustration of the different layers of who I am; Kayleigh Ivanov, A Graphic Designer, An Illustrator and An Archer with the illustrations getting smaller to reflect the russian doll concept. The main card hold my details on it for anyone who wishes to contact me.
My mini portfolio is held within this envelope that again has the russian doll illustrations and the pattern featuring on one of the flaps. The sticker holding the envelope shut has "Hello" written on it in Russian.
When opened on the right hand flap it holds my information much like it does on my business card, while on the left it holds a little message written in russian then translated to english underneath. The booklet holding snippets of my portfolio is stuck to the envelope so it doesnt get lost when opened up fully.
The portfolios pages get smaller then bigger to subtly reflect the russian doll concept again.
My leave behind is a 'flat pack' russian doll. It features the 4 layers as a physical 3D object each slotted into a cut out on the base. The idea is for people to take each of the layers out revealing the nect one until they get to the small box in the back which holdsa USB stick with my portfolio on it.