Pride M(ar)ch

  • Gajus Kuizinas
  • Lung-Yi Lin
  • Sergio Vilatimo
  • Cody Rubino
  • Abby Kalen
  • Tesja Bonnie
  • Ruth Baughan
  • Qiuyi Wu
  • Resh Sidhu
  • Hailey Park


Fifty years ago, the Stonewall Uprising sparked the modern-day LGBTQ+ liberation movement — creating a blaze of activism and awareness. To shine a light on the milestones and sacrifices that brought us to this moment, we created a way for the community and its allies to bring the story of NYC Pride to life.
Pride M(ar)ch is an augmented reality experience, narrated by Gerald Busby who witnessed the movement firsthand. Our virtual journey recounts the rich story of Pride with help from a cast of colorful Icons who represent each defiant decade.
So, show some love, join the march and let the past pave the way to a better future.
Listen to the march narrated by Gerald Busby here:
See below for visuals from the experience;