Primark- Forward Think

  • Will Worsdell
  • Anthony Murombe-Chivero
  • Katy Deane
  • Jack Lamacraft
  • Lloyd Major
What were we trying to prove?
Primark's exciting plans for the future through an immersive employee conference; celebrating their 5oth birthday and looking to the future.

A conference unlike any other. A festival-like experience across three venues with talks, technology, exploration spaces, a fashion show and much more.

We took over a disused warehouse in Birmingham and converted it into a breathtaking conference venue housing 1,000 attendees. This venue was combined with food-trucks and a nearby nightclub to create an incredible day.

The event was live-streamed globally to many of their 70,000+ employees. There was also extensive content creation.

The percentage of attendees who said they understood the company strategy went from 62% before the event to 98% after the event. There were similar increases in ability to communicate the company strategy (54% to 90%) and understanding their team's role (from 75% to 95%).