Raw Color

  • Carol Bergin
Exhibition catalogue for Raw Color’s Blend exhibition at the Aram Gallery.
The exhibition focused on the studio’s multi-disciplinary approach and their experiments with colour, from it’s raw form to a blend.
In collaboration with Alice Dowdall, Melissa Fry and Esme Pryor.
Brief set by Studio Julia.
The catalogue gives an overview of each piece in the exhibition, and finishes with an in-depth interview with the studio.
The tri-colour fans were the star piece of the exhibition. Their three colours were used for the spine, front and back cover of the book; while the center spread shows the fans in action, spinning and blending all three.
The typeface Boogie School was used for headings, an instinctive choice which we felt captured the fun and immediate sense of energy of the exhibition.
For the more type heavy interview section, we gave a subtle nod to the theme of blending by using Libre Franklin typeface in seven different weights. It softly blends from the lightest to heaviest weight on each page.