Ready Made Go 4

  • Joe Bazalgette Zanetti
  • Vickie Hayward
  • Jessica Berry
Since 2015, Ace Hotel Shoreditch and Modern Design Review have collaborated on one of the most unusual shows of the London Design Festival: Ready Made Go sees a select group of London designers create a new range of newly commissioned products especially for the hotel each year. But, unlike other LDF highlights, the pieces created are not part of a temporary exhibition but remain permanently installed additions at Ace Hotel. They might be furniture or tableware, door handles or candlesticks – and even, in 2016, a climbing wall (courtesy of PATTERNITY) – all things that the hotel needs which are designed, made, and put into use positioned in situ for their intended purpose. Previous years have seen Modern Design Review commission work from the likes of Assemble, Michael Marriott, Studio Toogood, James Shaw and Philippe Malouin, each of whom is briefed to create a functional item with requirements specific to Ace Hotel Shoreditch often from a prescribed material palette. In 2018, the fourth edition of Ready Made Go will bring a fresh crop of designers to the project, each contributing original products to be displayed during London Design Festival and used at Ace Hotel Shoreditch for years to come.


Ready Made Go has been one of Zetteler’s LDF highlights since its inception, so we’re utterly thrilled to be invited to help work on the 2018 edition. We’ll be working with Ace Hotel and Modern Design Review to share news about Shoreditch Design Triangle’s one-of-a-kind show, and we can’t wait to see this year’s products in place.