Realistic Box Mockup | Blender 2.901 | EEVEE | Part 1

  • Daniele Daldoss

This week I've been working on a project that may appeal to those who need to create realistic mockups for packaging. I found myself in need to create this kind of renders when the product wasn't ready yet but I had to test some design and visuals as soon as possible. The great part is that the box is reusable and if you keep the UV Map of your model you can replace it as many times as you want! I'd like to thank you all that supported me and wrote great comments... I didn't expect so much appreciation and this really motivated me to produce more � TAKE A LOOK AT MY OTHER SOCIAL CHANNELS Facebook - Instagram - Linkedin - …and also my website Here you can find the amazing Screencast-Keys addon I show at the beginning of the tutorial Texture Haven is a great website where you can find all kind of maps for your projects Subscribe to my channel to help me to grow and stay up to date on the new contents published!