Rebuild Yourself - LEGO

  • Megan Williams

Get teenagers to play with lego

Client: Lego
Challenge: Make teenagers invest in Lego to 'Rebuild the world' of teenage creativity
Insight: All teenagers go through the struggles of having to grow up.
Strategy: Life can be stressful and confusing when growing up making it difficult to find ways to unwind and relax. Lego provies joy and escapism through rediscovering the power of play. Allowing you to clear your mind and have a positive outlook through the support of lego.
Proposition: Rebuild to rediscover

BIG IDEA: You have to rebuild yourself before you rebuild the world.
Adverts will be placed at bus shelters and at schools to help spread the message.

Many teenagers seek sanctuary from social angst in the toilet, by placing adverts in toilet cubicals Lego allows the consumer to understand its okay to take time out for yourself.
Social media GIF, encourages teenagers to take time out especially with the pressures of social media.
Stickers are placed on different relaxing and calming products that are aimed to 13-18 year olds. Every product bought with the sticker, Lego will donate money to the mental health charity, Mind.
Lego will work with a range of schools across the world, in creating 'safe places' where students can go to de-stress and clear their minds through the use of building Lego, as education pressures is one of the main reasons of mental health in teenagers.