Make a beautiful mess

Make Homebase the go to brand for kitchen fittings.

Client: Homebase
Challenge: Make Homebase the go to brand for kitchen fittings
Insight: The kitchen and living space merge into each other making it more dynamic for use
While life is created in the bedrooms, it is certainly lived in the kitchen
Strategy: To show Homebase kitchens as being a dynamic social space by creating a light-hearted, humoristic campaign.
Proposition: Enjoy more of the times we’ve missed the most.

While a clean, polished kitchen is the pride of every household, life evolves in chaos.
We wanted to communicate that Homebase kitchens are designed to be lived in. when in lockdown we have seen our kitchens less chaotic, this means after lockdown kitchens will become even more chaotic than ever before to make up for the times they’ve missed.
This will be a home magazine advert. we wanted to inspire the consumers, these posters will allow consumers to see a beautifully chaotic scene, showing the honesty of a living kitchen rather than just showing a perfect showcase kitchen. We wanted consumers to be “welcomed back to the chaos”.
For the planning stage, we wanted to create a reality YouTube series that would help Homebase consumers to get an idea of their kitchens. The series would focus on a group of friends living in a Homebase kitchen for a week and would consist of seven episodes.
This pull out leaflet would be directly mailed and provides useful information about Homebase Kitchens. We wanted the leaflet to be fun and interactive as consumers can pull up a tab to reveal a ‘chaotic ‘scene going on in the kitchen. The leaflet also provides a range of kitchen designs for inspiration.
We wanted to do a fun Instagram story to get consumers interacting with our campaign. Getting them do do a quiz on what chaotic thing will happen in the kitchen , The winners will receive 5% voucher code for a Homebase kitchen.