"Recipe" (product document) for the IBM developerWorks web site

  • Patricia Philbin

IQP Corporation was an early pioneer in the Internet of Things and developed a code-free application development platform. I worked with the founders to build the IQP brand to a successful merger and acquisition with GE Digital (GE) in 2017. This was a paid contract and equity position. My role included creating company sales and technical materials. This writing sample provided a general overview of the IQP platform and was one of a series of postings (in IBM-speak, "Recipes") that I did on IBM's developerWorks technology website site.

Extending the Value of IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson through code-free application development

IQP is the first of a kind development and execution environment for creating code-free Internet of Things (IoT and Enterprise applications that can be integrated with the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform to collect sensor data. One major differentiator from other IoT solutions is that IQP has everything you need to work with sensor data and anyone can quickly build code-free applications. Our mission is to accelerate IoT innovation so you can easily adopt IoT in your organization or contribute greater ROI to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) processes.

IQP provides advanced functionality for Bluemix users and works with the Watson IoT Platform to deliver enhanced data collection and reporting. This powerful combination offers the ideal solution for the control and monitoring needs of a wide variety of different industries, from factory automation, connected cars, telcos and smart energy to smart TVs, digital healthcare and smart cities.

The IQP Advantage
IQP’s code-free development environment integrates with the IBM Internet of Things Platform to offer key benefits that set it apart from standard IoT platforms. The most disruptive advantage is that anyone can create IoT or Enterprise applications using Bluemix and IQP’s web-based visual programming interface and code-free ready-to-use design templates. Non-programmers can easily use IQP and there is a very short learning curve. Behind that ease of use there is a powerful technical foundation. Programmers have the option to extend the value of IQP in specific integrations by using advanced programming.

Design an app once and it will run on any PC, tablet or mobile device.
IQP customers report time savings of up to 80%, developing and deploying apps in days, not weeks.
IQP provides full-featured functionality for 'Visualization' and ‘Dashboard’ type system development.
Role-based access to applications can be assigned for different users in an organization.

How IQP pairs with IBM Bluemix – Watson
IQP is a full-featured product that seamlessly integrates with IBM Bluemix and the IBM Watson IoT Platform to provide an end-to-end IoT solution. Watson excels at natural language processing and machine learning. IQP provides an even deeper level of data collection that includes reporting activity from people working in a sensor-enabled environment.

For example, for an IIoT or M2M-enabled factory, IQP apps can be developed to support employees’ reporting needs such as a maintenance App or a machine errors App. The IBM Internet of Things Platform delivers sensor data input to Watson and IQP collects human reporting data and sends this input to Watson. This added value IQP data provides Watson with a much deeper range of data to analyze and not only sensor data. The end result is a true analysis of how a factory is functioning – from what is working well to troubleshooting potential safety risks or slowdowns in production. The combined data assists a manufacturer with decision-making and planning on productivity, maintenance, ordering, customer satisfaction issues, etc.

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