Red Badger

  • Elif Gurbuz
  • Daniel Plume
  • Tiffany Chan
  • Hanna C

Digital Product Design | 2016 After 6 years in business and huge success and recognition, digital consultancy Red Badger decided it was time for a brand refresh that reflected their changing vision. Transforming their clients’ businesses through beautiful online platforms, this was an extremely significant deliverable that would showcase their expertise in the area. Given the outcome of a design sprint, we were happily involved very early on in the remaking of Red Badger’s website Working in agile, we completely scratched the existing content and the design of the website, to create a more simple and playful layout. For this project, we worked as part of a cross-functional team in concept development and design, and worked closely with developers to create an end-to-end and fully responsive experience. We have designed the homepage, the blog, the case studies, the team, how we work pages and others. We have then worked closely with a team of engineers in building the front-end of the website using React,js. Client: Red Badger