Remote book launch video concept

  • Ali Clifford
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Kathy Forsyth
  • Holly Tucker
  • lauren mccrostie
  • Kate Power

Lockdown book launch concept for dear super star friends ☆ Kate & Kathy ☆ and their book “The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing #Dyslexics and The Jobs They Do”. I suggested something along the lines of “pass the brush” which had been popular or TikTok recently - where a selection of those included in the book each made a short video, and Kate & Kathy seamlessly connected the snippets to create a video which looks as if they are passing the book to each other - this is my “snippet” and you can see the full video on the @amazingdyslexic Instagram page. The book contains many an @amazingdyslexic including The Dots founder Pip Jamieson, NOTHS founder Holly Tucker, Social Worker Obi Ohaka Daniel, and friends Lauren McCrostie and Fritha Quinn. And the book is now available at Blackwells, Holly Tucker’s store, and other independent retailers.