Save the Children - Still Most Shocking Second a Day

The brief was to refocus the general public's attention on the plight of the children affected by the ongoing Syria and Refugee crises, and evoke a strong sense of empathy and compel them to want to help. The primary objective was to drive high levels of engagement with both existing Save the Children supporters as well as new audiences whilst the secondary objective was to increase donations as well as petition signatures asking the government to commit to a new deal for child refugees.
2015 saw public sympathy for the Refugee Crises with images of Alan Kurdi and the dangerous sea crossings. However recently due to an increase in negative stories: terrorist attacks in Europe, decision to bomb Syria and reports of aggressive behaviour of refugees, public opinion changed. We wanted to cut-through and highlight the human issues and the real victims of the crisis by reminding the public that ‘it might not be happening to our children, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening’.
The content was release on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram channels as well as edited for cinema.
By including references to some of the more poignant moments from the refugee crisis to date, we hoped reignite empathy with the current situation. These included the horrific image of Alan Kurdi lying on the beach, the reporter tripping up a man with his child as well as referencing some of more general imagery such as the sea crossings, border fencing and squalid camps that came to define the hardships experienced by those refugees making the journey across Europe.
The campaign earned:
Over 13 million views across all platforms (Facebook & Youtube).
2,855 campaign signatures for the New Deal for Refugees
Cash donations to the site increased by 93%
With a total of £37,431 being raised during the campaign

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