Scania - Redefining the online experience

  • Sushma Sudhir
  • Sylvie Trang
  • Saurabh Khanna
  • Isabel Serval
  • geO Freitas
Re-define online strategy & experience for all their local markets & dealership, including re-platforming of the CMS to AEM, multi-lingual responsive web across 50 markets, truck configurator, dealer finder tool, dealer websites & new product launch campaign journeys
I led a multidisciplinary creative team ranging 5-10 creatives (UX,VD, COPY,CS)
Experience map:
Experience map was created to capture and communicate the complex customer interactions and help identify the gaps and new opportunities. Customer behaviour, activities, mindsets were mapped along customer life cycle model across applicable channels. Key moments, were identified to arrive at new opportunities which was fed into creating two compelling journeys - Acquisition & retention.

User journeys and concepts

Journeys and concepts to bring Scania closer to customers. E.g. Needs Based Configurator which helps customers determine the right truck configuration by asking three simple questions.

New product launch campaign - The clock

As part of Scania’s epic product launch of their new truck series, we partnered with TBWA to execute the digital experience for the campaign called ‘The Clock’ where 14 trucks went in circles in a Spanish desert for 24 hours to form a working clock. Four cameras were fitted at various places (Eg: inside the cab, on the side of truck) to record this event.