Seeing Double: A dissertation a bit like you've seen before

  • Chris Ireland
Can visual parody be effectively used as a means of commercial art in the modern age?
When asked to write a dissertation in my final year, I decided to write about the world of parody, focusing particularly on the case of We Go to the Gallery (between the artist Miriam Elia, and Penguin Books).
'Chris Ireland's Seeing Double is changing the way a handful of people think about parody. Through visual analysis of popular works in the gallery and commercial art worlds, this dissertation showcases how parody cna be used for both scathing critique and humorous quotation. Now in full colour (because who would write an art analysis bok in black and white?), Ireland looks towards the future of parody, highlighting potential diretions for this technique.' - Parody Blurb
The same but different
The book has been designed to emulate a 1972 classic by John Berger (you can take a guess for yourself which it might be). The choices of typeface and layout remain accurate to the orginal, aside from points of commentary on the cover.

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